Bore Testing and Development

Aqua Techniques provides Bore Injection and Extraction Flow Testing services to the following industries

  • Mining Operations - Exploration, Dewatering and Production capabilities
  • Civil, Local and State Government
  • Wineries
  • Developers
  • Hydro Geologists
  • Water Bore Drilling Companies

Bore Testing

Our testing arsenal means we are fully self sufficient and can travel to all points of Australia to perform our services
  • Self sufficient site caravan with sleeping quarters for two operators.
  • Isuzu 3 Tonne Crane Truck.
  • Isuzu Smeal Pump Derrick.
  • Extraction pump sizing from 0.2 - 34 Litres per second by pumps ranging from 4" to 8".
  • 3" Galvanized pipe to depths up to 150 Meters.
  • Poly Pipe for smaller low flow systems.
  • Injection Pump rig up to 11 Litres per second.
  • Water quality testing for pH, Orp, Temp, TDS etc.
  • Level logging for main well and observation wells from HOBO and Solinst.
  • Manual data readings from Solinst level meters.
  • Flow logging from HOBO.
  • Flow metering from Siemens MAGFLO's in 2" and 3".
  • Automated pump test control unit driving Variable Speed Drives maintaining consistent flow rates for very accurate data.